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Divorce is a major stressor for families of various backgrounds. Decades following this life changing event, some parents are still angry and they continue to experience significant difficulties in their lives. For children, the negative effects of divorce can follow them into adulthood. Even so, each year, over one million couples divorce in the United States and over a million children are affected.

Assistance is available, however, to help parents and children overcome many of the challenges that they usually encounter when their families break-up. A major step parents can take to help themselves and their families is to enroll in special parenting classes. The "Parenting for Divorce" course is available both in a classroom setting and online. It is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families, as one of the courses that meets the requirements of Florida Statute #61. This statute, makes it a requirement for parents who have minor children to complete a 4-hour, "Parenting Education and Family Stabilization program," if they are divorcing or if they were never married but they are involved in paternity actions. The Sandcastles program for children (ages 6-17 years) is also a requirement for finalizing divorce and paternity actions in some areas.

The primary goal of this website is to inform, educate and empower parents who were never married, those who are separated, those who have decided to divorce and those who are involved in paternity actions and they have minor children (Under 18 years of age). Please call (954) 438 5661 for further information and to have your questions answered.

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“In the ‘Parenting for Divorce’ course I learned so much about marriage and relationships. I wished I had taken a course like that before I got married.”

Michelle C - Mother of 2 - Miami

“The course was very helpful. It’s a pity they don’t teach stuff like that in high school or college.”

Michael M - Father of 4 - Miramar

“I am glad I took this course; I now know what I can do to my life and my kid’s life much better after the divorce.”

Cassandra V - Mother of 1 - Hollywood

“Before taking this course; I didn’t realize how my kids could be affected by divorce or what steps I could take to help them adjust much better.”

David N - Father of 2 - Pembroke Pines